Pastor Nikolai Greaves

Providing resources for the start-up and maintenance of Stewardship in the local church. Providing resources regarding family and church issues affecting men.
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What is Stewardship?

We are stewards of our time, health, abilities, and finances. By being Christ-filled stewards of what God has given us we can fund our mission to give people hope and help them become whole. Hope and wholeness for our mind, our body, and our spirit. The story of Adventist stewardship centers not on the story of highly-educated super-Christians sacrificially giving extraordinary amounts of money. It’s the story of everyday people who answer the call to give of themselves and touch the lives of others in the name of Jesus. And it’s your story because you help make it happen. Stewardship Ministries develop concepts and produce appropriate resources for empowering members and leaders to implement stewardship principles. We encourage increased financial responsibility and accountability, as well as greater levels of financial self-support and interdependence, individually and corporately.