Neighbors to Neighbors – A Michiana Club Ministries Story

Neighbors to Neighbors – A Michiana Club Ministries Story

Winter settled in early November of 2022.  It came with a heavy snowstorm and high speed winds that broke tree limbs from age old trees as if  they were toothpicks.  Upon the ground across miles and miles of yards you could see the debris left of all shapes and sizes left for homeowners to clean up.

On the way to see senior member Claudia Moses of the Niles Philadelphia SDA Church, we passed a home on the corner of M-51 and Pucker Street.  It was the home of Martin Hodges, a neighbor to the Michiana Area Adventurers & Pathfinder Squad (MAAPS).  MAAPS is an adventurer & pathfinder club consisting of 7 churches in the Michiana area.We knew he was a senior citizen because he’d lived on that corner for years.  We’d seen him in his yard off and on engaging in yard work, recognized that he, Mr. Hodges, our neighbor, needed our help.  

There were tree limbs, whole branches, twigs, leaves, and wind blown bark scattered across this snow covered yard. Cars drove past his home day in and day out.  No one showed any interest in stopping to help this 82 year old gentleman clean up his yard.  

December arrived with a few warm days and with that came the decision by club director Ramona Minisee, to use MAAPS to 1) help Mr. Hodges with his yard dilemma, 2) help pathfinders complete their serving others- community outreach hours for investiture.  When Mr. Hodges was approached with the idea, he sparked a smile that ran across his face. And MAAPS swung into gear.

In December of 2022 and January of 2023, MAAPS, with the help of WJW Flatwork, a local cement finishing company, gathered, raked, carried, piled, dumped load after load of debris from his yard.  On February 4, MAAPS Emphasis Day, Mr. Hodges came to the Niles Philadelphia Church and thanked the pathfinders who had helped him.  He stressed that it was an impossible job for him but he was so grateful for his neighbors, MAAPS.


Submitted by MAAPS