Pastor Vic. Minneapolis, MN.

As a pastor, I’ve been charged to shepherd God’s people. As a preacher, I’ve been charged to call sin by its right name. As a believer, I’ve been charged to share Jesus Christ with my life and my lips. Yet there are times when it seems that one or all of the above is an impossible ask. As a black man, I am prejudged as a leader of trouble. As a black husband, I am prejudged as unfaithful to my wife. As a black father, I am prejudged as an unfit role model.
There are times when my blackness and my faith feel opposed. There are other moments when the two seem to compound the force of oppression. There are times when frustration and anger nearly derail my progression. There are other moments when the two seem to cancel out any motivation to move forwardAs a black man born in America I am born into a system designed to stress me, designed to destroy me.
As a black man, I am subliminally addressed as a boy but as a boy, I am seen as a scary, criminal man. As a black man, I am conditioned to live in constant fear of retribution, whether I display thoughtful intelligence or justified irritation. We Can’t BreatheHowever, my hope in God reminds me that God will empower me for impossible tasks.
As a believer, I remember and say that Jesus was oppressed and suffered through hell and death for me. As a preacher, I say it was a criminal and sinful act that extinguished the life of another human being like me .As a pastor, I say let your grief, stress, anger, and fatigue be filtered through your faith into a life focused on impacting, transforming, uplifting and advocating for our oppressed community


May God attend to the grieving family and friends of George Floyd. May God grant courage to officials to do and continue to do what is right. May God restore and renew our community and those who help our community day in and day out. God forgive our sins and heal our souls. God heal us broken-hearted and set us captives free. God fight for us and work through us this day.
In Jesus Christ Name. Let it be so.

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  1. Stan Culp says:


    Your article was thought provoking but I take issue with how you wrote somethings. You wrote 3 times “I am prejudged” but you failed to clarify by who. And by not clarifying, one has to assume by everybody. And you well know everybody does not prejudge you. Therefore, your statement is wrong and misleading. You also state “As a black man…” and give a list of certain things but, again, to whom are you refering? It would seem this is also happening in your church since you don’t give specifics. And, if that’s the case, you’re in the wrong church. See how, when you aren’t careful with what you print can be misleading? Be careful what you write since you will be judged by it. Like I just did. Blessings!!

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