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The president’s desk is an opportunity for President, Elder Garth Gabriel to share thoughts on the strategic plan voted in by the Lake Region Conference Executive Committee. In these posts the president will address & highlight the areas that will continue to lead our conference forward and break ground into new areas of ministry and mission.


Listening to one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press briefings on the coronavirus (COVID-19) contagion the other day, I was struck by something he said. The governor of New York encouraged New Yorkers to remain spiritually connected even as they complied with his Executive Order to practice social distancing.

Social distancing is understood to mean staying at least 6 feet apart from others, especially those you do not know. The admonition of government and medical authorities is that we stay away from each other for our own good.  “Stay at home” is the order of the day. To be socially isolated during these unprecedented times may be the difference between life and death.



Warmest Christian greetings,  
I pray you and your loved ones are well physically and spiritually.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc at home and abroad, bringing entire countries and communities to their knees. By now, everybody has been impacted by the pandemic in some way.   The non-stop torrent of news about the virus is difficult to ignore, and I suspect that many of you have stocked up on supplies to get you through the coming weeks, if not months.

As we knew would happen, there has been a whirlwind of rapid developments that call for an update on what the Lake Region Conference (LRC) has done and is doing to deal with this unprecedented situation. Please note the following items, some of which are actions voted by LRC’s Administrative Council, ADCOM.


Women Count, Women Matter

Katherine Johnson passed away on February 24, 2020, at age 101. You’re probably knitting your brow wondering who was Katherine Johnson and asking why is her death noteworthy. Johnson was one of the first African American woman hired by NASA and one of the three African American women scientists depicted in the movie Hidden Figures that compellingly tells of the pioneering work they did at NASA. Not surprisingly, the performance of the brilliant women mathematicians, who toiled in the shadows at NASA because of their race and gender, was not celebrated or recognized at the time.  If the movie Hidden Figures teaches anything, it is that the contributions of African American women were often overlooked and undervalued by society, all because of their race and gender.


Everyday Counts, Everyday Matters

This being a leap year, February has 29 days; and because the month started on a Sabbath, it is ending on a Sabbath.  February has five Sabbaths this year, something that doesn’t happen often. The extra day means that we get to celebrate Black History one more day. When it comes to focusing on Black History, every day counts, every day matters. Some people believe that commemorating or celebrating Black History  is divisive and counterproductive.  They say that the celebration opens up old wounds and leads to resentment at a time we should be pursuing unity and collaborative engagement. That we should bury the past and focus on the future is the cry of countless individuals.  How do you feel?  What’s your opinion?



Where were you and what were you doing when news that basketball legend Kobe Bryant had died in a horrific helicopter crash reached you? I was in a meeting of Regional Conference presidents when someone broke the news. A collective gasp was followed by an eerie hush as we tried to reconcile ourselves to the untimely and tragic passing of Bryant, which sent shock waves not just around the United States of America but around the world.


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  1. Ed Abbott says:

    Prayer for all Sabbath keeper’s for Ukrainians and others! I am trying to understand the multi million dollar building of Amazing Facts many others and we don’t have guidance in solidarity to start a Prayer group world wide for these people. God says pray 🙏 why isn’t the Senior Pastor getting this together Why? Iam confused. Teach Preach Praying yet as SDA we are not all trying to show the world we Pray to God together as Sabbath keeping Christians. God says witness well here is my email. I am a peon on this please ask for me its ur turn to voice this not for me but God!! Yet ask for Donations what has happened let’s PRAY TOGETHER VOICE IT, MAIL IT, SEND TO SDA CONFERENCES

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