Meme adapted from Nicholas Miller, JD. Andrews University religious liberty institute
In an unprecedented time of uncertainty that drives varying opinions, let’s be clear that the limiting of mass public gatherings is NOT a religious liberty issue to contain the coronavirus.


There is no credible evidence whatsoever that controlling this pandemic favor one religion or lack of religion over another. Covid-19 is a health and safety issue and does not violate the principle of the separation of church and state. Please debunk these myths immediately and follow the recommendations from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local county health department.


Having said that, the coronavirus provides unique, diverse, and innovative opportunities to demonstrate that everyone counts, everyone matters both inside and outside of the church through technology, social media, telephone conversations, etc. Quite frankly, it challenges us in how we can effectively and efficiently do ministry and education without bricks and mortar.


Instead of playing on people’s fears and drawing inspiration from Johnathan Edward’s message, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” we can find comfort that “the Lord is not slack concerning His promises” (II Peter 3:9). We don’t serve or worship God out of fear (II Timothy 1:7). However, we do have to make a choice (Joshua 24:15 and I Kings 18:21).


In choosing to serve Christ, there’s no limit to what the power of the Holy Spirit can do through us in times like these if we remember everyone counts, everyone matters.


Edward Woods III
PARL minister/director
Lake Region Conference


  1. Friend of God says:

    The issue to pay attention to is the reaction of government and society to Covid 19. It is trending towards the same basic issues we’ve studied in Daniel chap. 3, and Rev. chap. 13. In ancient Babylon the people were forced to obey for the common good. Please don’t misunderstand me Covid 19 is real threat, we need to continue to treat it as a real threat. What I am saying is there is a story within the story. We must never lose sight of the big prophetic picture. In these last days people will be forced under the penalties of death to give up their liberty of conscience, to obey for the common good at the end of time. Are we their yet? No. According to Matthew 25, “all these are the beginning of sorrow.” Jesus said, “the end is not yet.” What then is God saying to us? Take note of how the government and society reacts to calamity and crisis like this pestilence, Covid 19. They come together, for the common good. It is a wake up call to the remnant. Studying the books of Daniel and Revelation in the context of the “Three Angels Messages helps us the connect the spiritual dots.” The 3 Angels Messages allows us to put these current events in their proper spiritual perspective. Blessings!

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