On October 28, 2021, the Lake Region Conference Executive Committee voted Pastor Julius R. Everett, Sr., to serve as the Executive Secretary.


 Pastor Everett comes with 34 years of Senior Pastoral Leadership in the Lake Region Conference. Before this position, Pastor Everett was voted to be the Assistant to the President, Elder Garth Gabriel. He has served as an Area Leader, a member of the Lake Region Conference Executive Committee, The LRC Finance and Auditing committees, the Lake Union Executive Committee, the LUC Investment Committee, and The Andrews University Theological Field Training Board. Pastor Everett holds a B. A. in Religion and a minor in Business Administration. He also studied Policy and Administration at Indiana University. Pastor Everett completed his Master of Divinity Degree from Andrews University. And he is currently completing a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Biblical Christian Counseling.

Together, Rey and his wife, Regina, have six wonderful children, Julius, Freddie, Josiah, Lindsey, Eve, and Layla. Rey grew up in Chicago and loved traveling with his family, Golf, cooking, rural living.

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