2019 Impact Indiana – Pathway to Hope Revival

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The Lake Region Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists exists to make disciples and grow healthy congregations that share the Gospel in the context of Revelation 14:6-12 to prepare people for the soon return of Jesus Christ.
We are excited to be one of the host Conferences that will welcome the Seventh-day Adventist World Church for the 2020 General Conference Session taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana the “Cross Roads of America” the “Circle City.”
The goal of Impact Indiana is to actively engage all Lake Region Conference churches in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas to impact Indiana together before, during and beyond General Conference Session 2020.


Impact Indiana is an outreach initiative of Lake Region Conference. We are a culturally diverse collective of churches reaching people for Christ with love, hope and power to live abundant lives. We embrace cultural diversity and are committed to reaching diverse people, including those within our urban communities.


Using Christ methods, Impact Indiana seeks to meet the unique challenges that urban communities face. We seek to transform people and communities through the love of Jesus Christ.


1. Revitalization and reformation of churches
2. Mobilizing the Laity for ministry to impact the community
3. Strengthen Young Adults and Public campus ministries
4. 200 baptisms per year totaling 600 Baptisms 2019-2021
5. Discipleship training and nurture