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On Sunday, July 17, 2022, the delegates of Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists convened to conduct business for the 29th quadrennial session, which took place at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The meeting began with a powerful devotional message given by guest speaker, Pastor Emil Peeler of Allegheny East Conference. The nominating committee report was chaired by Elder Ken Denslow, President of Lake Union Conference. Immediately after Elder Elden Ramirez, Executive Secretary of of the Lake Union Conference chaired the constituency session where reports were received and several constitution and bylaws amendments were made.
At the conclusion of the reports given by the Lake Region Conference administrators and the results of nominating committee, voting took place. Upon receiving the nomination and the overwhelming supportive vote of the  delegates, Elder Gabriel addressed the delegates by saying, “We will work diligently with honesty and integrity to serve you as best as we can, with God’s grace.” In another unprecedented yet highly supported vote was that of Dr. Abraham Henry, the first millennial to serve as Executive Secretary in the Lake Union Conference and most recent millennial to be elected as an administrator among the Regional Conferences. Dr. Abraham has previously served as the Youth Director and Associate Executive Secretary of the Lake Region Conference. Following his nomination and vote, Dr. Henry expressed these words. “I am grateful to God and the constituents of Lake Region Conference to be entrusted with this great responsibility. I am humbled to serve in this capacity and it is my hope to serve with humility and excellence. Most of all it is m privilege to work alongside Elder Garth Gabriel, one of the most tremendous and innovative leaders of our time.” The business session was official adjourned at 5:47 pm. The list of newly elected officers is as follows:
President – Elder Garth Gabriel
Executive Secretary – Dr. Abraham Henry
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer – Yolanda Stonewall
Vice President for Multilingual Ministries – Eddie Allen
Departmental Directors
Adventist Community Services – Debra Davis-Moody
Adult Ministries – Pastor Darlene Thomas
Communication – JeNean Lendor
Children’s Ministries – Janelle Strong
Family Ministries – David and Beverly Sedlacek
Health Ministries – Dr. Christina Wells
Inner City Ministries – Pastor Claval Hunter
Media Ministries  – Pastor Paul Young
Men’s Ministries – Pastor Farai Nhiwatiwa
Ministerial – Pastor Kenneth Elliott
Prison Ministries – Pastor Christopher Clark
Public Affairs & Religious Liberty – Edward Woods, III
Stewardship Director – Pastor Nikolai Greaves
Women’s Ministries – Pastor Tricia Payne
Youth Director – Pastor Earl Baldwin
Associate Youth Director – James Doggette, Jr.
**Education Superintendent – will be referred to the Executive Committee
**Adventist Services & Industries – will be referred to the Executive Committee
Pictured above: (left to right) Eddie Allen, Abraham Henry, Rebecca Henry, Yolanda Stonewall, Rosita Gabriel, Garth Gabriel
LRC 29th Quadrennial Session Documents