Carolyn was getting ready to go to the doctor’s office when she fell from her chair onto the floor. She immediately realized something was wrong and asked her husband to call 911.

The doctors confirmed she fractured her left femur. This unfortunate incident necessitated her stay at the hospital for surgery, followed by a few more weeks at a rehab facility.  All this left her bedridden in her home for more than two years. Her family then arranged for caregivers to assist her daily. It was at this time she was introduced to Shay Harvey.

During this time, Carolyn began questioning why she had to be couped up in the house, not being able to go out and share God’s love with others. “Lord, why am I here in bed? I can’t walk,” she prayed. “You can’t walk, but you can talk,’ was the response that came back to her mind.

It was then she recalled noticing an advertisement for Amazing Facts Bible Studies, and with her new caregiver’s help, they sent in and requested two sets. One for her and one for Shay. They both went through all the lessons and received their certificate of completion. Carolyn realized this remarkable story would not have been told if she had not been homebound.

Sis. Carolyn Palmer

Shay remembers when Carolyn asked her to do the lessons with her. She said she enjoyed taking the Amazing Facts teaching with Mrs. Carolyn Palmer.  The teachings were enlightening, and studying with Sis. Palmer was exciting. “I was so impressed with what I was learning; I could help but to share it with others.”

In June of 2021, Carolyn’s husband passed away, and she then required additional care. This help came in the form of a good friend, Sis. Dollie consented to sit with her in the afternoons until Shay would come.  Now, although Dollie had retired from being the director of the Community Service Department of the New Life SDA Church, you would always find her helping with dinner events for the homeless at Frieda’s Place every first Sunday of the month.  When Carolyn’s caretaker, Shay, heard about it, she readily volunteered to help. Shay has found it a blessing and has enjoyed serving others over the past few months. Carolyn learned that although she was down, she was not out of God’s plan for her life. She is a living testimony that God has used her to ‘brighten the corner where she was, even from her bed.


  1. Elder Arthur Webb says:

    “Praise The Lord,” for your endless and timeless ministry to your ever “enlarging classroom.” Your are a “Mother of Zion! Not have I, personally been and continue to be bountifully encouraged and inspired by your love, but my entire Family are beneficiaries of your spiritual vitality. You superbly radiate a Christ centered love. We along with countless others are grateful for you and the partnership shared with “Dad” Palmer. Continue the legacy, “Until then!”

  2. Jerome Davis says:

    The Lord does work in mysterious ways, His wonders to behold!

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